Co-curricular Activities

  • Co-curricular activities are a form of informal education, which are important and cannot be ignored. Holistic development of students cannot be achieved just by imparting academic learning. Co-curricular activities play a very significant role in inculcating different values in the students. The aim of co-curricular activities is to make the students fit for the future and to develop a spirit of competition and co-operation, leadership qualities, habits of diligence, punctuality, and good team-spirit as well as to provide a backdrop for the development of their creative talents.

    Physical Education

    The Physical Education and Games classes throughout the year are an integral part of the school curriculum, which truly energize the learners. Samriddhi School makes a point of educating its learners beyond the regular curriculum,to help them develop well-rounded personalities. The objective is to help them develop all qualities that are required to master the art of living and be their own gurus.

    The sporting facilities offered in our school are:
    Table Tennis
    Yoga & Meditation
    Karate/ Tae Kwan Do

    Field Trips and Outings

    Giving the students a chance to learn about nature and the environment, field trips and outings also provide an opportunity to learn in-depth about different topics, while enjoying the company of their peers.

    Arts and Dramatics

    These activities develop an aesthetic sense among the learners and provide them a stage to express their talents, ideas and abilities.

    Public Speaking

    Through debates and elocutions, the students are trained and encouraged to be able to confidently express their views and ideas and be effective public speakers.

    Club Activities

    The following clubs help learners develop their overall personality and leadership skills:
    Science Club, IT Club, Sports Club, Cultural Club, Book Club, High School Club, etc.


    Music is regarded as an important part of the curriculum, for the role that it plays in understanding different cultures. Music is a true demonstration of traditions, community culture, aspirations and accomplishments of humankind. At Samriddhi, we have Nepali and Western music studios that cater to both choral and instrumental music from the Pre-Primary to Senior years.


    We, at Samriddhi School, believe that dancing in all its forms must be included in the curriculum of any noble education. Dancing with the feet, with ideas, with words and with expressions sets our education system a pace apart.
    Our dance studios of Pre-Primary, Primary and Senior years are fully equipped for various dance forms – national and international. They are spacious enough to allow our staff and students to choreograph works for stage performances and competitions.

    House Systems

    To impart a healthy competitive spirit among students and to inculcate the habit of working together and training in leadership qualities, an efficient House System is introduced in the school. All students belong to a House guided and managed by a House Warden, who is a member of the staff. The House Warden is assisted by several House Tutors, who are also teachers. Each House is on duty to look after the school environment for about a month. Points are awarded to each House for managing the display boards, maintenance of discipline, presentation of news and thoughts etc. A number of inter – house competitions are organized throughout the year. At the end of the year the House with the highest number of points is declared the winner and bags the prestigious Inter – House Running Trophy. We have four Houses in the school:
    Blue – Diamond
    Green – Emerald
    Red – Ruby
    Yellow – Sapphire