Career Opportunities for Management Students

May 08, 2019


If you’re the kind of person who can do well in a setting where you can take a leadership role, organize and of course, manage people, then you should seek a career in management field.

There is great scope and rewarding careers for management students. In most cases, you are not aware of it, lack the right information, or don’t go for it at all. Many parents are even skeptical about their children interest and discourage them to pursue management stream. In many cases, students become sheep, and follow the path guided by others not considering their actual interest.

Management students have an edge when it comes to career opportunities because every organization needs management roles. Almost all types of companies need managers to run an organization effectively. And the good news for management students, management professionals are paid well. Whether you want to work in hotels, health organizations, human resources, marketing, sales, advertising agency, travel, tourism, banking, insurance; the options are many more.

In simple words, management is the process of achieving defined objectives through people. A manager is responsible for looking after employees or department in a specific organization or company. The managerial roles range from leading, overseeing business operations, managing stress and communicating with coworkers and ensuring the smooth running of an organization.

Studying management helps you learn various soft skills that help you adapt in a diverse business environments. According to Linked In data, the most in demand skills employers are looking for include leadership, communication, collaboration and time management. This ensures that management students have privilege when they enter the job market as studying management focuses on developing soft skills. Moreover, the skills have a wide variety of applications in various areas, including management, business, entrepreneurship, financial institutions, government and non government organizations and many more. This means management students have greater flexibility to work in a wide variety of organizations and ensures lucrative career path in a highly competitive job market.

But First,

To ensure better career option in management, the initial process begins with schooling, and studying management. There are many colleges in Nepal that you can look up for studying management.

Samriddhi School in Kathmandu offers +2 management for students completing grade 10. Management students who are looking for a rewarding career opportunities in business and management can take management stream and can further study in different specialized field of management after completing +2 level.

+2 management is the foundation that opens more opportunity to choose specific field for higher study or get a job. Management students can choose a different career path or any specific path (any branch of management you are looking for) in their higher studies. For instance, studying +2 management equips you with the basic foundational knowledge in different fields of management. Later, if you like to pursue a specific career path, let’s say accountancy, you can study chartered accountancy or bachelor in accounting. Another possible option is studying bachelor in business studies so that you can choose to work in any field you’re interested in.

To learn more about course structure in +2 Management, read here.

Upon completion of +2 management course, you can get to work in entry level position, start your own business or further pursue undergraduate degree in management studies.

Building a successful business requires wide application of knowledge from various fields. Management students will learn various business and management skills, different concepts and theories of economics, marketing, accounting, human resource management and many more. Every business needs a diverse range of skills such as looking after team, delegating tasks, decision making, solving problems and many more. Thus, management students have competitive advantage as they acquire in depth knowledge and better understanding of business principles and business environment. Moreover, they will have a competitive advantage in terms of building skills and making connections that is more valuable in the long term.

Whether you are managing people, products or projects, management students need to acquire skills, tools and strategies. Studying +2 management equips you with foundational knowledge that helps you in decision making, implementation, organizational learning, change management and many more. All these skills gives you a better understanding of different aspects of responsibilities such as setting objectives, organizing, motivation and communication, measuring result, developing people among others.

Study +2 Management at Samriddhi School

Samriddhi School’s +2 management program equips students with the foundational knowledge of business and management. Students pursuing +2 management courses at grade 11 and 12 can pursue bachelor studies in management, hotel management, information technology, travel and tourism, computer science and many more.

Samriddhi School, one of the best schools in Kathmandu, is committed to inspire and motivate students to achieve the highest standards of intellectual development as well as personal growth, through a stimulating and comprehensive educational program. In terms of overall academic programme, we place a pronounced emphasis on preschools, primary and secondary level education as well as +2 management as part of our education program. So, if you are looking for the best +2 management program in Kathmandu,  then you should look for Samriddhi School.

For more information about our school in Kathmandu, please visit our website or Contact us– 014390590/ 4383777.


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