Chairman's Message

  • Dr. Manohar K. Bhattarai

    When it comes to our sustained efforts aimed at positioning Samriddhi as an educational institution of repute, we start by asking ourselves some fundamental questions – how can we prepare our students for the disruptions that is set to characterize the 21st Century? What specific competencies, skill sets and academic grounding would be required for a student to succeed in the frenetic pace of change that is so much a part of this day and age? And perhaps more importantly, how can we adequately factor in Nepali ground realities in our efforts aimed at achieving educational outcomes aligned with the imperatives demanded by the dynamism of the modern times and overarching national aspirations that have been unleashed?

    These questions form the broad framework within which our academic orientation and learning environment that we nurture here at Samriddhi are rooted. We make concerted effort to move beyond traditional, normative and structured approach to education to ensure that our students are equipped with foundational grounding that would set them on a course to overall success and achievement. In doing so, we remain committed to draw upon all the elements of a healthy and productive educational ecosystem comprising of teachers, parents and students.

    Our focus will not be on academic rigor alone but equally on other aspects of human attributes that play a role in helping students grow into global citizens.

    Let me take this opportunity to invite you all to be a part of this exciting journey. At this juncture, let me assure all you parents and students of our unflinching commitment for quality education.

    Welcome you all to Samriddhi!

    Manohar Kumar Bhattarai