How To Do Well In Entrance Exams (Ace The Test)

August 06, 2018

For a student, an entrance exam is the first barrier to fulfilling his/ her dreams. Importance of entrance exams is evident due to the fact that passing the entrance exam and ranking in top lists brings the student one step closer to becoming a part of the college desired by them.

To achieve this goal, it is crucial for students to prepare for entrance exam. While a lot of students put time and effort preparing for the exam way ahead of time, there are many who wait till the last moment. And when the exams approach near they start looking for answers to the question how to prepare for entrance exams in less time.

While it’s a good thing that the students these days are conscious about entrance exams, and that they join all these coaching classes to prepare for the tests, it sort of makes them a bit dependent. So, in our opinion, every student should try to find out how to prepare for entrance exams without coaching, before enrolling in one of such courses.

Different Kinds of Entrance Exams

One of the most highlighted entrance exams in the country is high school entrance exam, as every year around 5,00,000 students appear in these exams, conducted by various schools around the country. Apart from working hard on their own, the students make it a point to join bridge course institutes, as they train students how to pass an entrance exam for high school.

Similarly, the other most highlighted kind of entrance exams are placement tests, conducted by various governmental and non-governmental organizations. Their purpose is to find skilled individuals to work for them. Now, since these entrance exams are associated with building careers, there are literally millions of people who appear in such exams, with the hope of getting shortlisted.

These entrance exams are quite tough, not from the perspective of questions, but from the standpoint of competitors. And since the competition is so tough, they seek help from different institutes that claim to offer them the best placement test prep in the town, or the country itself. These are quite like the above mentioned bridge course institutes.

How To Ace At Entrance Exams

Out of the many tricks and tactics that one needs to use to successfully pass in these entrance exams, there are few that are quite obvious ones, and pretty common no matter the purpose of the entrance exams.

So, whether you’re applying for high school, or graduation / post-graduation level, or for a job, following these ways could make things easier for you during the entrance exam. These would not just ensure systematic preparation, and good performance in the entrance exam, but these would also increase your chances of getting shortlisted in the top lists.


entrance exams

Now, while a lot of students think that joining an entrance exam preparation institute will help them discover how to prepare for entrance exams in less time, that’s not the case. There are no shortcuts to scoring good marks at an entrance exam. You need to understand the objective and the importance of entrance exams. It is to discover the best among the best, and it goes without saying that the best people don’t look for shortcuts, and they’re dependent only on themselves and not on anyone else.

The people who are mostly successful in these exams are the ones who take time, and prepare themselves. They maintain patience and dedication, in terms of understanding the curriculum, and give their best while preparing. They know how to prepare for entrance exams without coaching, and realize that it’s the only way.

Understanding the Curriculum and Question Pattern

It is crucial to get your hands on the curriculum and the question pattern, and understand it well, before trying to go head on into preparation. What the different subject areas are, their weightage, the kinds and number of questions focusing on each of these areas are information that you need to grab first, and accordingly, you need to start your preparation.

For instance, in case of high school entrance exams, it becomes quite easy to find out how to pass an entrance exam for high school, if one can get their hands on the subject matter that’ll be covered in the exam, and a set or two of model questions. Then, accordingly, they could spend their time making the best use out of the resources.

The curriculum and the question pattern doesn’t just help you gain clarity about the subject matter, but they also assist you in planning and properly executing the preparation process. It is significant, as, at times, the syllabus is rich and intense, however, there’s lack of time. Also, at times, the subject matter is too sophisticated and time consuming to fully work upon. In these situations, proper planning works.

Get your hands on the resources

How to do well in entrance exams

While high school entrance exams focus on subject matters that are already taught in schools, entrance exams like placement test require the examinees to prepare on content that could be absolutely new to them. And to be able to prepare well, one needs to get their hands on the right kind on resources, which mainly includes the books, model questions, and as stated earlier, the curriculum and question pattern.

Placement test prep is one of the toughest forms of preparation that requires time, energy, patience and dedication. So, one you have your hand on the resources, go on and give it your best shot. Make sure to plan not just your preparation, but also your exam. Also, don’t forget to test yourself at times, by trying to solve questions in a time frame. It’ll help you have a better practice and improve your overall confidence.

So, the next time you’re going to appear for an entrance exam, make sure that you follow these helpful tips. And, if you’ve already done that, let us know how helpful it was.

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Congratulations on a great result! Best of luck for your entrance exam, and your over all future!


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