Samriddhi School: How Parents get kids ready for preschool?

February 28, 2019

Samriddhi School is an experiential learning school for preschoolers. We are fully committed to provide an outstanding learning environment for our students and enabling them to excel.

Childhood is an important time period for a child’s growth and development. Just like skyscrapers can’t be built on a weak foundation, a preschool is where you develop a strong foundation for your child’s future. The brain starts to develop rapidly in early childhood; and pre-primary education has a major impact on the development of social, emotional and learning skills. That is probably why numerous studies have shown the importance of pre-schooling with childhood development.

Researchers at the University of Pennsylvania studied home environments of children at age 4 and then again at age 8, and then observed their brain structure in late adolescence. The research came to the conclusion that children who were not exposed to early learning opportunities before age 5 have a distinct disadvantage.

Preschools are playing an important role in early childhood development through pre-primary education. Indeed, quality education at an early age shapes children to achieve personal growth and professional success at school and throughout life. Samriddhi School is committed to providing an outstanding program for preschoolers. Our preschool program includes:

  • Appealing and engaging curriculum that supports creativity, fun activities, music, arts and games.
  • Exciting programs including a pedagogical approach for activity-based learning.
  • Personal hygiene and children safety that meet the standard needs.
  • Small size classes, experienced teachers and caregivers that understand the psychology as well as the needs of children.
  • Well equipped Science, Maths, Computer and Pre-primary lab.

How parents get kids ready for preschool?

Preschooling is a major transition period in a child’s life. In the early years, young kids learn from their parents at home and feel comfortable spending time with them. At age two and a half or older children are usually enrolled in preschool. This adds additional responsibility for parents to prepare the child and facilitate their learning through guidance. Today, we share important tips for parents to prepare kids for preschool.

Read stories to your child

Parents should spend time reading stories to your child. The time you spend together fosters a deep emotional connection with your child.  As an active, caretaking parents you can read interesting bedtime stories to your child. You can talk about the story and the characters. This allows children to get more curious and imaginative which is essential for their brain development.

One of the best ways to cultivate good reading habits in your children is reading out loud. This will build up vocabulary as well as enhance their listening skills. Furthermore, as part of speaking, it is crucial for parents to pronounce the phrases right so that you can set the quality of their verbal and listening skills at a young age

Besides, when you go shopping, buy them good children literature books and comics. These books provide them with imaginative experiences that are essential for creative thinking.

Listen to your child

Are you frequently talking and listening to your child?

As children begin their preschool, they might have a hard time being apart from their parents and adjust in a completely unfamiliar environment. They have their own worries about school, teachers or friends.

No matter how big or small your children problems are, listen to them. When you listen to your child worries, they feel a sense of comfort, care and affinity. Also, you can help them overcome their troubles. It’s important to teach your child to find a solution to their problem so that they will develop problem-solving skills from an early age.

Children are curious about anything they see and ask lots of questions. Parents must not hesitate to have a conversation with them. Also, you should ask them questions and try to understand their viewpoints. Talking to your child frequently is crucial to improve communication skills: vocabulary, speaking and listening skills. Moreover, kids who are given attentive attention generally tends to feel more confident and become a better communicator whereas those who are often ignored suffer from low self-esteem.

Teach self-help skills through games and fun activities

A Stanford study suggests that “Using games as an educational tool provides opportunities for deeper learning to children.” They are essential tools for developing non-cognitive skills for children.

As your kids grow, there are several self-help skills such as getting dressed, washing hands, brushing teeth, using utensils and many more that they need to learn. By teaching them self help skills, you can make them self-dependent. Your child is likely to make more mistakes in the beginning. However, as a parent, it’s your job to encourage and teach them rather than doing everything for them.

Like every parent, a part of your daily chore could be getting your kids dressed for preschool. For example, You can create fun challenges to grab your child’s attention and use it to train them. One simple way is telling your child “your pants have three holes. One for the top that goes around your waist and two for your legs. Make sure the zipper is on the front”. In the same way, you can teach your child other dressing skills such as putting shoes on and off, lacing shoes, bottoming and zipping pants.

Notice non-verbal messages

As your child grows up, s/he needs more support from parents. If your kids are not getting enough attention from you, they might show their reaction non verbally. Your child may show abrupt behaviour such as being aggressive, not talking or clinging with you. These activities signify non-verbal messages that something might be bothering them. In many cases, parent doesn’t understand and ignore them, but you must notice non-verbal messages and solve them immediately.

For instance, if your child is comfortable with potty training at home, maybe s/he has a toilet accident at preschool. Your kids may be anxious about their action, therefore, they might be quiet and reserved. In this case, you can tell your kids that it’s okay to make mistake and encourage them to call for help if they feel the sensation.

Samriddhi School: C

Samriddhi School is committed to providing an outstanding program for preschoolers. For preschoolers, Samriddhi School offers an excellent learning environment with experienced teachers. Samriddhi school cares about your child learning experience and is dedicated to provide the highest quality services as possible. If your child is headed to preschool this year, we are running our new preschool classes. For more information, visit our school or contact us– 014390590, 4390591.


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