Points to remember before picking a Pre-School

February 05, 2018

The research shows positive impact on a child’s social and academic life with an early education. Finding one that best suits your budget and quality is a big challenge. After all,it’s about shaping your child’s future; every parent will definitely try to get the best for their child. Getting the right school for your child is not an easy task. You must be confident with the faculty members and your child must be happy. Here are few important things to consider before you choose pre-school for your kid.

List your priorities

Do your homework, search for the schools according to your choices and then decide. Look for your basic requirements and your budget. It is better to have the school at your convenient location for easypick up and drop off.Write down your all your priorities for reference while selecting school.

Once you are done search for the schools, look for accreditation and see if it has clear regulations along with your listed priorities. A good school must have consistent rules and schedules so that parents know what to expect. 


It is important for schools to have a clear idea how to teach and care for their students.  A school with ideological foundation is better over indistinct philosophy. This gives general idea and confidence on how your child will be taken care.

Teacher-student ratio

Teacher-to-student ratio is equally important. It is the best for your child to get extra attention and this is possible if teacher has to look after less students at a time. A teacher, no matter how good she is, can’t effectively and efficiently run a classroom and give the children the attention they deserve, if she has to care for more than 12. You also might want to ask about staff turnover, since this is a good indicator to understand how happy the staff and your child will be over the long term.

Meet directors personally

It is always a good idea to spend couple hours in the potential school to meet the preschool directors in person and observe the teachers with the children. They are the one to interact with your child. So it’s important that you find warm people with lots of experience caring for preschoolers.

Take your child for visit

After all it is your child who has to spend almost a day at school. The child response to the school and teachers are very important. Their response will too give an idea if they are going to enjoy their time at the preschool.

Additionally, listen to your instinct before taking any decision. A preschool may have huge property, host of new books, toys and might be affordable too but if you don’t feel right then it isn’t.  It is essential to be confident with the one who runs the school and sets guidelines for your child. Again, at last it comes to teachers who will be spending most of their time with your child.

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