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August 19, 2019

Do you get distracted a lot while studying? When you sit down to study, you may find yourself reading and re-reading materials over and over again, and still you can’t stay focused on your reading. Your mind wanders away, and you feel like giving up your study and going back to the internet or doing something else.

To quote from Dwayne Johnson aka The Rock, “Success at anything will always come down to this: focus and effort. And we control both.” 

Many students complain about having trouble staying focused while studying. Whether it’s due to lack of motivation, distractions, fatigue or other personal reasons, your inability to stay focused on your studies could pose a threat to your academic success.

If you are wandering a lot during your study hours, here are some essential tips to stay focused on your studies even when you don’t feel like doing it.

Identifying the distractions and remove it

What are the common distractions that take your mind away while studying? 

This maybe the background noise in your head, surrounding noise from the neighbours, or constant buzzing of ones’ smartphone just to name a few. To stay focused, you must identify the source of distractions and remove it. 

Number of studies show that digital distractions are on the rise among many students. If you find yourself thinking about the last post on Facebook, the number of likes on Instagram or get overwhelmed with notifications, you cannot stay focused on your studies. All these distractions diminish your productivity and keep you away from reaching your academic goals.

It’s vital for students to acknowledge their digital habits, and using smartphones for their well being instead of getting distracted. The best way to stay focused is to switch off your phone while studying. If you can’t, still, you can use distraction blocking apps during your study time. One way to stay focused is by using digital tracking apps such as  Digital Wellbeing, ActionDash, Forest, Tracky, Digitox just to name a few. When you are using phones, the several features on these apps help you understand how frequently you use smartphone and the time spent on each activity on different apps. You can manage when and how you get notifications so that you can stay focused on what matters to you the most. One of the key features in most digital wellbeing app is that you can put your phone on “Do Not Disturb’ mode- it can disable your unwanted notifications or you can block all notifications at once to reduce distractions.

You are in charge of your life and it’s your job to eliminate distractions. Tell your friends and family not to disturb while you are studying. Over time, you will find yourself staying focused for a longer time and you will be able to retain the most from your studying.

Avoid multitasking

Whatever you are doing, trying to do many things at a time causes distraction and hinders your productivity. In fact, studies show that multitasking might be physically harming your brain.

In order to truly stay focused, you need to do one thing at a time. When you are studying, you must set deadlines and invest all your energy into the task at hand, until you finish it.

Take study breaks

Our ability to stay focused noticeably deteriorates over time. Studies show that taking study breaks in a regular interval (30-45 minutes) helps to “reset” your ability to stay focused. 

Find yourself some time to take study breaks and engaged in fun activities. Go for a walk Stretch, Grab a snack, Listen to your favourite music. Taking study breaks helps you prevent burnout, feel more refreshed and stay focused on your task.

Block out the excess external noise

A noisy environment diminishes your ability to stay focused. Studies show that excess noise has both auditory and non-auditory effects on our health. 

In order to stay focused, creating a peaceful environment is a must!

For instance, you can use headphones during your study to filter excess external noise. Depending on your learning style, if you are an auditory learner, you can listen to music in the background while studying.

Establish a study routine

Establishing a study routine helps you stay focused and accomplish more while studying. When you follow a study routine, you don’t have to waste time on thinking and planning a lot. Moreover, this ritual prepares your brain to stay organized and adapt to the task at hand.

You don’t have to make this process complex: set enough study time, identify the task that needs to get done, and begin with what’s urgent and important. One way to set up your daily routine is using an app like Productive- Habit Tracker. By creating a study routine and stick to it, you will avoid distractions and end up staying focused on your study for longer hours than you thought possible.

Practice a healthy lifestyle

A number of studies show the benefits of doing regular exercise relates to improving your brain ability to stay focused. Doing regular exercise or playing sports offer a number of benefits such as lowering stress, boosting your immune system, and enhancing productivity. So, set yourself some time for doing regular exercise that helps you maximize your focused time.

Lack of proper hydration and nutrients has a direct impact on your cognitive ability, and it can lead to the eventual dismissal of your ability to stay focused.

Certain foods have a brain-boosting effect on your body that keeps your brain sharp and focused. For instance, foods that are rich in antioxidants, omega-3 fatty acids (fatty fish, seeds), various minerals (zinc, magnesium), and vitamins (B12, D, E) are some of the secret nutrients that enhance your ability to stay focused.

Studies show that sleep deprivation has a proven effect on lowered focus and diminished productivity. When you are sleep deprived, it’s effect can be seen on your mental functionality and attention span. That’s why, getting enough good night’s sleep is important to improve your ability to stay focused while studying. 

Staying focused is an important skill for every student to acquire to succeed in all aspects of life. 

We, at Samriddhi School, teaches our students learning style and study smart tips that help in improving their ability to learn and improve more. Our teaching approach and extracurricular activities are all directed towards encouraging holistic development for our students. Samriddhi School is committed to inspire and motivate students to achieve the highest standards of intellectual development as well as personal growth, through a stimulating and comprehensive educational program. 

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